With the massive deployment of intelligent measurement solutions, it has been evidenced the NO-NINTEROPERABILITY problem that exists at the communication medium and communication protocol between the different solutions, which involves cost overruns for the companies that deploy them, having to sectorize by brand, increase stock, software, operability, etc.


IMSYS have developed a management solution for energy, water and gas meters, as well as other devices, which includes a Head-end System (HES), named OCEAN, and an interoperable DCU (Data Concentrator Unit) called ARK, which can manage multiple brands of meters, by multiple communication modules; thus integrating the concept of interoperability, and becoming a novel solution in the worldwide utility sector.

Our added value

Our solution focuses on 4 key aspects:

  • 1

    INTEROPERABILITY between meters brands of different utilities, as well as the management of multiple devices.

  • 2

    The MODULARITY that allows to use more than one communication modules in the same DCU and simultaneously.

  • 3

    The SCALABILITY of the solution allows the users to “armed” the ARK DCU depending of the initial needs, but with the certainty that in the future they will be able to purchase the additional required modules for new devices integration.

  • 4

    The ability to INTEGRATE our system with different administrative and commercial systems, or with an MDM (Meter Data Manager) if the user has one.